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Welcome to the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program website. If you are an applicant to our program, please visit us at:


ACGME Resident/Fellow Survey

         Due by April 25th

         Please see the instructions below regarding the annual ACGME resident survey.  The questions refer to our program as a whole and additional resources from the ACGME defining terms and duty hour FAQs are attached to the email for your reference.

o   As a reminder, in addition to being able to bring ideas and concerns to the housestaff council and other venues, we will be doing our end of the year program survey in May/June where you will have the opportunity to give specific ideas for improvements. 

Resident/Fellow Survey Instructions:

        Program Scheduled: Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center Program - 1400321025

        Survey Timeframe: March 24, 2014 - April 25, 2014



        1. Open a new window using your internet browser (Internet Explorer [8.0 or higher]; Firefox; Google Chrome; etc.)

        2. Click the following URL, or copy and paste it into your internet window's address bar - https://www.acgme.org/Surveys/Security/LogOn

        3. Your username for this survey is the program's 10-digit number - 1400321025

        4. Your password for this survey is unique to you. It will consist of your date of birth, followed by the LAST TWO letters of your LAST NAME.

              - For example, if we want the password for Mary Smith, born 01/01/1969 (or January 1, 1969):
        The birth date with no slashes is 01011969 and the last two letters of Mary Smith's entire name are 't' and 'h', making her password in this example - 01011969th

        5. Every username and password must be changed upon initial login. Please remember your new ID and password. You can use it to re-access the survey until your program's deadline.

 Awesome Board Review

         April 25-27 and May 2-4 from 7:30a-6:30p at the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport Hotel, 4300 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, 85034.

         Coverage has been arranged. Third year residents on electives are excused from service on 4/25 and 5/2. Friday clinics have been canceled but please double check AMION and let chiefs know if your schedule is incorrect.

         Coverage for Wards/ICU

o   Fernandez (VAW Green) Wykoff to cover 30hr call from 4/25-4/26. 4/27 no senior, both interns present. McShane to cover 5/2 (1st up). 5/3-5/4 no senior coverage, both interns present.

o   Goodman (VAW Red) Bradley covers 4/25 (1st up). No senior on 4/26-4/27, and 5/2 but both interns present. N. Martinez to cover 30hr call 5/3-5/4.

o   Travis (VA NF) Byrdy covers night of 4/24 (attends clinic Thurs afternoon and is off Fri). Rodriguez covers night of 5/1 (attends Thurs pm clinic and is off Fri). Travis to return to work 4/27 and 5/4 after board review for NF.

o   Patel and Azadi (GS Orange) Scherbak to cover call 4/25 and 4/26. No senior coverage on 4/27 but both interns present.  Byrdy to cover 5/2 and 5/3 call. No senior of 5/4 but both interns present.

o   Wang (GS White) Night float 4/25-4/27. Kessel to cover 4/24 and 4/25. Corral to cover night of 4/26 and Kessel to be day senior on 4/27. 5/2-5/4 coverage by Kessel.

o   J. Smith (GS ICU) Savajiyani to cover call 4/25. Basnet to cover call 4/27. Team off 4/26. No coverage on 5/2, team off 5/3. Smith to return after board review for night shift 5/4.


Housestaff Council Elections

         Listed below are positions available and brief description. Please review and talk with current housestaff if you have questions.

         Send nominations to chief from 4/8-4/15.

         Elections will be held in AHD on 4/29.

         Vice president: assists president with meetings - time, location, agenda; part of several committees - ensures follow through with committee assignments; significant time commitment above other positions, must be upcoming PGY-2 (preferably off cycle from president)

o    Secretary (2 positions): meeting minutes and follow up minutes e-mail, must be present at each council meeting, prefer 2 residents that are off cycle so that one can be present at each meeting - must be upcoming PGY-2 or 3.

o    Class reps: One per class - Categorial PGY-1,2,3 and MedPeds PGY-1,2,3,4; prelim. Represents class, obtains feedback from class about ideas/suggestions on various aspects of resident life from rotations, to attendings, to social events, etc. Does not need to be present at every meeting, but should be present at least once/quarter.

o    Ambulatory clinic reps (2): interest in ambulatory medicine preferable, corresponds with Dr. Peterson and acts liaison between clinic and residents.

o    GME Committee (2): Should ideally be helping assist with improving ITE scores, board prep, job hunt, fellowship timelines with chiefs.

o    Social and service (4): Helps plan social events for residents, i.e., intern appreciation night, and service events, i.e., Christmas party for residents and patients.

o    ACP Representative (1): Representative of our IM program (there is one from each IM prgram in Arizona). Required to call in each month and participate in a statewide meeting with the other IM program representatives. Projects include statewide journal club, resident representation at ACP conferences and Doctor's Day on the Hill.

o    GME Quality and Safety Resident (1): Works closely with VA Quality and Safety Chief to improve patient safety and quality of care. Will act as liason between VA and GS quality and safety committees and residency program.

o    Information technology Rep (1): Assists with Goodsamim website or other technical projects (deficits in order sets for example) with direct communication to the groups that can help implement change. Room for expansion of this program.